TurningPoint ResponseCard

CH102 General Chemistry

Spring 2017


Lecture quizzes

Quizzes are given in every lecture and these quizzes count 10% toward your overall course score. To receive credit for the quizzes you must properly register your TurningPoint ResponseCard, as described below.

TurningPoint ResponseCard Registration

Registration of your TurningPoint ResponseCard is done through Blackboard, at


It will ask for your Response Device ID; this is the 6-character string on the back side of the card, below the bar code.

Your card must be properly registered in order to receive credit for quizzes given in each lecture.

If you replace your clicker (due to loss), be sure to register the new clicker and email your lecture professor with your new clicker number. Failure to do so will result in 0 being recorded for your lecture quizzes.

Setting the channel on your ResponseCard

The channel number is 41. To set the channel on your ResponseCard, do the following.

  1. press "Ch" on the clicker
  2. enter the RF receiver channel number 41
  3. press "Ch" one more time

What the LED color on your ResponseCard means

  • Green: Confirmation that the your response has been received
  • Orange: The ResponseCard is sending and waiting for confirmation from the receiver
  • Red: Response not received
  • Green and Red: In Channel Changing mode

Having trouble?

  • Are you on the right channel, 41 (see above)?
  • Are you registered with the correct serial number (the six characters below the bar code on the back of your ResponseCard). You can re-register at http://goo.gl/XNHne1.

If you are still having problems, please contact TurningPoint at 1-866-746-3015 or support@turningtechnologies.com