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Holding beads, perceiving the universe;
with emptiness as the string,
there is nothing unconnected.

From the Morning Bell Chant

My PhD is in chemical physics, and my deep professional interest is quantum mechanics; strictly, I am a third generation quantum mechanic, trained at University of Chicago by Ugo Fano, who did his PhD with in the 1930's with Enrico Fermi and then post doctoral study with Werner Heisenberg. I have been teaching in the chemistry department of Boston University since 1973, except for a year at University of Paris in 1979.

A physics colleague introduced me to Buddhism in the late 1980's, telling me of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The book made absolutely no sense to me, but the encounter launched me on the path to Zen and its Kwan Um School, first with a 90 day Kyol Che in Seoul and then, November 2000--February 2001, a 100 day solo retreat at Temenos, on a mountain top in western Massachusetts. I have been a dharma teacher since 2003.

One more thing: Most mornings before sunrise I am rowing on the Charles River.

My work as a dharma teacher in the Kwan Um School of Zen involves primarily participating in meditation practice and retreats, and teaching adult education classes on Zen. Here are links to some of these activities.

Kyol Che, Winter 2008, Diamond Hill Zen Monastery

Into Great Silence (Gröning, 2005)


2005 December 5-11 Retreat, Providence Zen Center

2004 Summer Solstice Retreat, Kwan Um Zen Community, Foss Park, Colorado, June, 2004


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